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Published: 27th November 2009
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Magna-Tek Systems, an Ontario based company, continues to help satisfied homeowners with its AquaMagna no-salt water conditioner designed to reduce scale build up and alleviate hard water problems.

There are many benefits to having hard water magnets. What users like most is the affordable cost versus a traditional salt water softener, coupled with the ease of installation. It simply clamps on the water pipes. Then are the environmental benefits of this trouble-free technology. The system operates without any energy and no chemicals are required.

By applying advanced magnetic technology, this compact water magnet device simply straps around the water line and reduces the hard water condition. Homeowners can install the no salt water conditioner system in just a few minutes since there is no plumbing or electricity required. It is really that simple and it will last forever. Without using any chemicals or salt additives, it dissolves the insulating build-up of scale deposits in plumbing systems and fixtures.

How the salt-free water softener works: Natural water is made up of unorganized, randomly positioned molecules. When passing through a properly focused magnetic field, water molecules become polarized, thereby disrupting the natural bonding of water molecules and altering the structure of the scale-forming minerals (calcium carbonate). In this magnetic condition, hard water minerals remain in liquid suspension, rather than clinging to water pipes and plumbing fixtures in the form of hard lime scale deposits.

Magnetic water treatment is not a new process. Patents for treating water with magnetic devices began appearing in the 1950's. Even back then, when magnets were far weaker than they are today, the effects were very significant. The treated water behaved like it was "softer," and scale buildup was significantly reduced. Magnetic fluid conditioning caught on first in the eastern world, where other water softening methods and equipment were not nearly as popular. Highly favorable reports soon began filtering back from China, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, and other eastern countries about water that was being treated with magnets not only for residential use, but also for agricultural, commercial, and industrial use.

More recently, acceptance of this technology is becoming more widespread in North America with the development and availability of a new generation of extremely powerful magnets. These ceramic magnets are many times more powerful than the old fashioned steel magnets.

Water is not the only fluid that can benefit from magnetic treatment. Subjecting gasoline and diesel fuel to a magnetic field results in more complete combustion of the fuel. Magnetically treated fuel has a tendency to attract oxygen molecules when mixed with air in a combustion chamber. The result is a more efficient and complete combustion, generating more energy from the same amount of fuel, and reducing environmentally harmful hydrocarbon emissions

If you live in an area where the water is hard (well-water is usually very hard) visit and request information on Magnetic Water.


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